Calcium Rich Foods

For Healthy Teeth and Bones

Calcium is especially important for children and new mothers.

Dentally speaking, calcium is one of the essential nutrients. When we eat food that’s high in calcium, it benefits both teeth and bones. It makes sure children’s teeth develop correctly, and ensures that new mothers have enough nourishment for their babies during breastfeeding. Even for older women, it helps prevent the onset of osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones.

What foods contain calcium?

Luckily, calcium is present in many of our favorite foods, so incorporating it into your diet can be a tasty and satisfying option. Some of the most common of these include dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk. Additionally, many nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and fish are all excellent sources for the mineral.

Make sure you get enough.

Though we use the mineral throughout life, our ability to absorb calcium decreases with age, so it’s crucial to have the proper intake in your daily diet. Also, combining with vitamin D enhances its absorption and retention.

The recommended daily intake:

For Women: Men: Children:
11-18 years old 1,200 mg 11-18 years old 1,200 mg 1-10 years old 800 mg
19-50 years old 1,000 mg 18+ years old 800 mg
51+ years old 1,500 mg