Multiple Choice QuestionsRead each question and choose the best answer. Scoring below.

1. The best toothbrush bristle is:
(a) Medium
(b) Hard
(c) soft
(d) electric

2. Teeth grinding and gnashing (bruxism) can lead to:
(a) a pain in the neck
(b) Sore teeth
(c) Headaches
(d) all of the above

3. The dentist’s word for cavities:
(a) holey teeth
(b) caries
(c) cartels
(d) fillings

4. Straightening of the teeth is called:
(a) orthodontics
(b) pediatrics
(c) geometry
(d) endodontics

5. It’s been proven that fluoride:
(a) is experimental
(b) makes teeth resistant to decay
(c) is found in popcorn

6. Expectant mothers should visit the dentist:
(a) before the child is born
(b) during odd-numbered months
(c) no until the baby is 6 weeks old

7. Keeping baby (primary) teeth in good condition:
(a) is important for the child’s speech development
(b) helps the child chew properly
(c) helps avoid major expense later on
(d) all of the above

8. Replacing or relining dentures:
(a) never has to be done
(b) can be done at home
(c) gives a more youthful appearance

9. Softening of the tooth enamel caused by chemical changes is called:
(a) bleaching
(b) demineralization
(c) unglossed enamel

10. Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be:
(a) when he has a toothache
(b) when he decides to go
(c) when he’s a toddler


8-10: You’re a genius! Maybe you should go to dental school.
5-7: Nice try, keep studying,
4 or less: You haven’t been doing you homework. Stay after school.

Answer Key:

1—c 2—d 3—b 3—b 4—a 5—b 6—a 7—d 8—c 9—b 10—c