Preventing Cavities in Your Baby’s Teeth

Teething Baby

Eating & Drinking

  • Don’t let it continue throughout the day. Limit to 4 or 5 periods.
  • This especially includes apple juice, raisins. Residual fruit sugars easily damage baby teeth.
  • Restricting unlimited contact between food and teeth is the most important factor in preventing cavities!


  • Remember: thorough brushing is more important than frequent brushing.
  • Thorough flossing is just as important.
  • Most kids under 7 are going to need assistance.
  • Regular hygiene is the second most important factor in preventing cavities!


  • Important for teeth that haven’t broken through the gums!
  • Available as tablets or drops, or in most municipal (not private) water supplies.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash with teeth that have broken through.
  • Fluoride is the third most important factor in preventing cavities!

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