Guided Bone Regeneration San Rafael, CA

Fix receding gum tissue with guided bone and tissue regeneration.

Normally there is a healthy layer of keratinized gum surrounding each tooth which protects it from infection, decay and discomfort. The recession of gum tissue due to aging or inadequate oral hygiene can leave teeth roots exposed and vulnerable to decay. As this gum tissue recedes the bone beneath it will also experience resorption (a melting away), or degeneration, which compromises the basic strength of the jawbone. This resorption can be fixed with guided bone and tissue regeneration.

To perform regeneration, the gums in the affected area are first surgically opened to expose the receding bone. Then a small piece of barrier membrane is attached into the affected area, which encourages new bone growth. The new bone growth provides benefits such as increased structural support for restorations, prevention of further bone resorption, and overall increased strength of the jaw bone.

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