CEREC® San Rafael, CA

CEREC Machine

Have your new dental restoration in just one visit

The CEREC® system can be used for inlays, onlays and full crowns, and done in one visit. And yes, in most instances we can replace those unsightly metal fillings with CEREC® ceramic—with the same characteristics of healthy dental enamel.

Yes, you can have a 100% metal-free restoration that’s as beautiful and natural looking as your original tooth.

We’re proud to make available the CEREC, a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled system that creates a tooth replacement from a single block of white, biocompatible, plaque-resistant ceramic. The process and its effect on your smile must be seen to be believed!

Not only is the restoration far more natural than old-fashioned metal fillings, the procedure can be performed in a single appointment—usually in a couple hours. That’s because with CEREC® there’s no need for us to make an impression and send it to the lab.

Instead, we use a special camera to take a picture of the tooth (actually, a pin-sharp optical impression). Computer technology then helps us design the restoration from the optical impression. You watch the image of your new tooth take shape on our color video monitor!

Then CEREC® creates an extremely precise restoration, also while you watch—milling it out of a solid block of ceramic material. Finally, we bond the new restoration to your tooth using the latest techniques in adhesive dentistry.

Ask us about CEREC®. There’s never been a better time to replace your old amalgam fillings. With CEREC we create a natural and brightened smile your friends, colleagues and family will compliment you on.