Periodontal Maintenance San Rafael, CA

Treat repeated periodontal flare ups.

Many people experience repeated infection of their gums due to periodontal disease and enlarged pockets around the teeth. When repeated periodontal flare ups continue to occur our office provides periodontal maintenance. Patients who require a more diligent oral hygiene routine are scheduled for more frequent dental cleaning appointments. This is important because the severity of damage caused by periodontal infection increases exponentially as it progresses. Each patient is evaluated so a customized schedule can be maintained to avoid major damage to teeth and gums and support overall general health.

Typically a deep cleaning (root debridement) is preformed to remove infection below the gum line. Our office will take measurements of pocket depth around your teeth, and perform scaling and root debridement (planing) to reduce buildup on teeth and prevent future infections. If you are experiencing painful, swollen, or bleeding gums, contact Marin Dental Care in San Rafael, California.