Airplane Flying in the SkyHave fun on vacation, and come home healthy and happy.

The family has been waiting all year for this. You’ve been packed for days, the cat is boarded, and the newspaper is on hold. Amid the anticipation, take a moment to include dental preparations in your plans. Nothing can trash a tour of the Tabasco Pepper Museum like a toothache or blown root canal. So, weeks before your vacation, attend to any existing dental problems. Don’t wait ’til the last minute, or you could miss the bus.

On the road

  • Keep our number with you in case of emergency. We may be able to help you over the phone. In any case, we can refer you to someone we trust in the area.
  • For serious injuries that require immediate treatment, get to the nearest large hospital; a dentist will likely be on call.
  • If you’ve traveled far and wide, check with the US consulate for a referral.
  • Most hotels can find you a dentist or, at the very least, provide crushed ice for relief from pain.
  • Stock up on elastics for braces, antibiotics for gum problems.
  • A second set of dentures is good insurance.