Woman Holding a CameraYou’ve probably noticed that a friendly greeting (along with a bright smile) usually gets a smile in response! It’s a good feeling we humans are lucky to share. But, what exactly composes a fine smile?

What Makes Teeth Beautiful?

The Smile Line

There are dimensions to the ideal smile that dentists work to achieve. In youthful smiles, the curve of the upper lip follows the curve of the lower lip. When the biting edges of the lower teeth conform to the lower lip, it’s even more appealing.

Tooth Shape

Straight, uncrowded teeth make smiles come easier. Rough edges, chips, or anything asymmetrical is distracting. It is also typical for men’s teeth to be larger and more square, while women’s teeth (especially the incisors) tend to be smaller, more delicate, and more rounded.


Everyone knows white teeth look good, but teeth can also be too white and appear unnatural, almost startling. Strong healthy teeth reflect the light through layers of dentin and enamel, and appear as more translucent ivory than truly “white”.

If you have problems with your smile—could it be better?—let us show you what might bring a little more perfection. With a variety of conservative cosmetic dentistry options (such as bonding, veneers, crowns, or teeth whitening), we can make it happen!